Our company was established in 1991 as a family business. Initially, the company started the business in importing goods from USA to Kuwait and gradually expanded in different lines.

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Since 1991, the company started a construction line, building houses all around Kuwait, including mosques and other public facilities.

The Chairman of the company, being an engineer by profession with a long experience in Management, a Consultancy office “Quality Assurance Consultant” was established in 1994 focusing on; Organization Development, Leadership, Strategic Planning, Innovation and Organization Performance Measurement. The topics are covered and service provided through training and consultancy.



The business of marketing and selling extreme sports products such as power kites was introduced in 2003, the brand is called WindRider which is specialized in major power kites companies and is in operation since then.

The business of food trucks started in 2015 through providing american comfort food for groups, family gatherings and exhibition events. The service is provided through a fully equipped and attractive BUS. The company has participated in the Qatar Food Festival and has been a success since then. It has then expanded in the UAE with the opening of three more food trucks within a year and plans on expanding further, with new and different concepts.

The company’s latest and biggest edition is iCare Clinic and NEOCARE Clinic.

iCare Clinic is a clinic that does more than one specialty, such as dermatology and dentistry.

iCare Clinic has officially launched in 2015. With iCare growing, the management decided to include a new line of importing skincare products, as it is with great value to the clinic.

NEOCARE Clinic has officially launched in 2020, NEOCARE Clinic has products and services that address the growing healthcare needs of every individual.


“Provide Quality Products and Services that satisfy clients needs through continuous improvement of our business approaches and enrichment of  dedicated staff members skills”

Our Core Values

The mission is achieved by having our staff adhering to the following values:

We will be Glad to Help You with Your Needs

and Provide the Best Services


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